What is Vire

Vire offers a solution to show advertisements in Virtual Reality (VR).

Google Daydream Above: the Google Daydream headset showing a Vire ad

The user can stay in Virtual Reality and keep his headset on, while the advertisement (ad) is shown. The video below shows how a Vire ad is started, after looking at a button in a game:

If you like, try out a Vire ad below:

(use your mouse or move your mobile device to look around)

A Vire ad can be integrated into websites, apps or games:

ad room on mobile

On a mobile device you can switch to the Virtual Reality view, by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner. In a Virtual reality game this view is used automatically, so that Vire ads can be shown between levels for example.

ad room on cardboard Above: a Vire ad in the Virtual Reality view for usage in a headset like the Google Daydream

Vire's ad technology works on all popular virtual reality devices like Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or Google Daydream. All kind of contents, from videos, 3D objects to interactive mini games can be integrated into a Vire ad.

By supporting modern advertisement standards Vire can source ad video campaigns from most of the advertisers and ad networks in the market.

How much can I earn

We don't like complex things. So here is the deal:

Vire automatically provides you with the best possible ad revenue.

You can get back to work on your game / app, while we provide you with an optimal monetization. Our standard ad campaigns starts at $4 eCPM, while premium campaigns deliver CPM prices up to $25.

Next step - integrate the Vire SDK

Integrate our SDK into your game or app to start earning revenue by showing Vire ads.

Take a look at our Getting started guide to learn how to integrate the Vire SDK into your game or app.

If you have any questions or just want to say hello please do not hesitate to shoot us a message at team@vire.co. We are looking forward to your feedback!